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Let me introduce myself

My name is Richard Coopers, accountant and financial expert, born in Yorkshire. I'm a hard working man who likes finances, solving problems, helping people and cycling on the beach. I've been working in accountancy and account management in several banks for almost 20 years, before I created my own offices downtown. Now I can dedicate myself full-time to what I love the most: helping customers reach financial success.

In my years as an account manager and back office executive, I saw all sorts of cases. Our banks had huge portfolios and served both individuals and businesses. I witnessed the rise and downfall of many accounts, and luckily I could talk to many of the clients whose accounts I was managing.

I started to realize how many people make bad decisions due to ignorance, misinformation, or direct misleading by mischiveous dealers who just want to take advantage of them. As time passed by, I kept getting the feeling that I wanted to help these people be away from scammers and bad deals. I was highly contacted with financial providers, so I knew there were great things out there, and that people would have had a much better experience if they had made the right choices.

So I decided to run my own office, and use all the knowledge and contacts I had gathered for over 20 years to provide the best financial advice service. 

Goals and values


I want all people who come to me to walk away with a great deal under their arm. I believe that nobody should take advantage of others just because they are in need or they don't know what they're doing. And I understand that people can't be expected to be financial experts, that's our job, not theirs. So we should use our knowledge to help them succeed.

I do all I can to provide the best advice and only top quality contacts with the best dealers and brokers in the market. I have stumbled across some awful providers during my long career, so I can warn others to stay away from them. Also, I have met some great dealers, with strong compromise and great service. I want to connect them with my clients so everyone has a great experience.

Our services

I constantly gather information on the financial market and stay up to date with the latest news. Over the years, I have built a network of quality contacts that I can put to work whenever a client comes to me.

I offer careful and exhaustive market investigation to help my customers get only the best deals. Be them mortgages or other loans, money saving, accounts - personal and merchant -, equity release, refinancing plans or any other sort of financial manouver, I surely have a couple phone numbers that could be of great help for you.

So contact me now! I am looking forwards to lend you a hand and help you make a great step towards prosperity!

Happy Client

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"Richard Coopers is the most charming man I've ever met. He's smart and he knows a lot about finances and money. He understood what I needed right away and found great deals."
Tamara Whitney

Happy Client

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"I had heard a lot about Richard Coopers Consultancy before I went to talk to him about some issues I was having with money. I was clueless on what to do, but the man figured it out in literally half an hour. He started pulling out papes and flyers and reccommended a bunch of brokers. All of them were fantastic."
Kenneth Parson